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Privacy Policy

Organ Worldwide LLC, ConsumerBase LLC (dba Exact Data), ListFinder.com, NetPostmaster.com, FastCount.com, ePostmaster.com, Mailing-List-Quote.com, DataWidget.com, wikiAudience.com as well as affiliates, divisions, contractors and all data sources and suppliers all of which are referred to herein as "The Company" have a deep commitment to the privacy of every individual about whom it holds information. Since we gather individual consumer data, we want users to fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information. This privacy statement discloses what information we gather, how we use it, and how we correct or change it.

The Privacy Policy was created in 2003 and updated in November, 2010, and June, 2012 and most recently in April, 2015.
Company asserts that protecting consumer privacy is our greatest concern.

The main principles of our business

Consumer Rights

The Company understands the always-changing legalities and courtesies regarding the use and dissemination of our customers information.

Ethical Relationships

The Company pledges to conduct its relationships with both clients and other information providers in an ethical and professional manner.


The Company is committed to education for our clients, our employees and the industry about the issues, guidelines and laws surrounding individual consumer rights to privacy and The Company’s privacy policies.


The Company maintains strict quality control and due diligence procedures to assure the integrity and accuracy of our information.


The Company maintains strict security procedures to ensure information will not be made available to any unauthorized person or business.

Consumer Benefits

The Company offers services and data products that provide benefit to both consumers and businesses.